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Here are the most frequently asked questions about us.

The Policonsulting Corporate FAQ is a section of our website that provides information and answers to the most common questions regarding our corporate consulting services.

Are there recurring fees?2023-02-03T13:31:55+01:00

Policonsulting offers the possibility of providing continuous support with recurring commissions, but at the same time the company respects the customer’s desire to personalize the choice of services he wants to use as much as possible, therefore it is possible to request tailor-made services if necessary without recurring commissions . This means customers have the flexibility to choose the level of ongoing support that best meets their needs and budget.

Do you provide ongoing support?2023-02-03T13:30:40+01:00

Yes, Policonsulting provides ongoing support to companies. This means that after providing the required advice and services, the company will continue to monitor and support the enterprise over the long term to ensure that the implemented solutions are working as intended and are adequate to meet the future needs of the enterprise.
Furthermore, Policonsulting will always be available for any questions or problems that may arise in the future and will be ready to provide further solutions if necessary.

Are the services fully customizable?2023-02-03T13:29:11+01:00

Yes, the assistance and services offered by Policonsulting can be customized. This means that the company takes the time to understand the specific needs of the enterprise and design tailor-made solutions to meet these needs. This way, companies can be confident that they will receive adequate support to achieve their long-term goals.

What services do you offer in particular?2023-02-03T13:26:30+01:00

Policonsulting offers a wide range of business consultancy services including: Quality System, Cosmetic Regulatory Affairs, Optimization & coaching, Gmp pharma, Technical files in mdr and ivdr, Regulatory updates, Training, CE marking, Gmp and gdp pharma, Audit support and Certifications. The services offered cover various aspects related to the quality and regulatory compliance of companies operating in various sectors.

Why choose Policonsulting?2023-02-03T13:22:06+01:00

Choosing Policonsulting means choosing a company with a team of highly qualified and expert professionals able to provide consultancy tailored to the specific needs of the company. Furthermore, the company focuses on a wide range of services in different sectors, ensuring a complete package of solutions for the long-term success of the enterprise.

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