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Personalized and tailor-made services thanks to a highly qualified team with in-depth experience. Policonsulting is a partner that provides continuous and punctual assistance, efficient in solving problems and helping companies achieve their goals.

The Quality System service offered by Policonsulting helps companies implement and maintain a quality management system that complies with the standards and regulations of the Medical Device sector, in order to improve company performance and ensure customer satisfaction.

The Cosmetic Regulatory Affairs service offered by Policonsulting helps companies in the cosmetic sector to comply with the rules and regulations of the sector, providing assistance in the preparation of the necessary documents for product registration and support in the management of regulatory affairs such as:

  • Verification and declaration not tested on animals
  • Verification and Declaration of animal origin/non-animal origin-BSE certification
  • Verification and % declaration of ingredients of natural origin according to ISO 16128
  • Verification and declaration vegan friendly
  • Verification and declaration gluten free
  • Verification and declaration of nanomaterials
  • CMR Verification and Declaration
  • REACH Verification and Declaration
  • Verification and Declaration % VOC
  • GMP Verification and Declaration of Conformity
The Optimization & coaching offered by Policonsulting supports companies in improving their performance through the definition of specific objectives, the evaluation of processes and the identification of opportunities for improvement, also providing continuous support to achieve the established objectives.
The Technical Files service for MDR (Medical Device Regulation) and IVDR (In-vitro Diagn Regulation) offered by Policonsulting helps companies to prepare and maintain the technical files required by the MDR and IVDR regulations for the marketing of medical devices and in vitro diagnostics .
The Regulatory Updates service offered by Policonsulting helps companies stay informed on changes and news of regulations in the Medical Device sector, providing timely and accurate information to ensure continuous compliance.
The Training service offered by Policonsulting helps companies train their staff on regulatory requirements, business processes, quality management and other relevant topics for multiple sectors, thus improving staff skills and performance.
The CE Marking service offered helps companies comply with CE regulations for marketing in the European Community, providing assistance in conformity assessment, in the preparation of the necessary documentation and in affixing the CE marking on the developed products and/or devices.
The GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and GDP (Good Distribution Practice) pharma service offered by Policonsulting helps companies in the pharmaceutical sector to comply with GMP and GDP regulations, providing assistance in the implementation of a quality management system for production and medication distribution, support in preparing for audits, assistance in resolving any non-compliance, and ongoing support in maintaining compliance. The service covers all aspects related to the quality and compliance of companies operating in the pharmaceutical sector, from production to distribution, ensuring that the medicines produced and distributed are safe and effective.
The First and Second Party Audit service offered by Policonsulting helps companies prepare for audits conducted by external bodies and regulatory authorities. The service includes an internal audit to identify any non-compliance, an action plan to resolve any problems found, support during external audits to ensure compliance with Medical Device industry regulations and ongoing follow-up to ensure non-compliance compliances are resolved and prevented in the future. We also offer ongoing support to maintain compliance with current regulations and to prepare for future audits.
The Certification service offered by Policonsulting helps companies comply with industry rules and regulations, providing assistance in preparing for certification, support during the certification process and continuous follow-up to maintain compliance with current regulations. The service also includes the assessment of business processes, the identification of any non-conformities and the development of an action plan for the resolution of non-conformities. The certification service guarantees that the company’s products and processes are safe and effective, complying with the regulations of the production sector.

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